Our Rituals


Building a company asynchronously is hard. So to combat the downsides of working apart from one another, both by location and time-zones, we make an effort to meet up with each other once per quarter at a minimum in a different location while the team is small and agile. As mentioned in the goals section, this is where we set our quarterly targets we work against, as well as retrospectively look at how we've performed. We run the meetup in the same way every time, minimum 2 days covering the following topics:

  • Company update
  • Mission
  • Core values
  • Longer term plan
  • Blameless retrospective of the previous quarter
  • Iterate on the things that didn't work, praise the things that did
  • Objective setting for coming quarter
  • Major technical decisions
  • Items to revisit in next meetup
  • And the most important, social time!

Bi-weekly business updates

While we are product-led, it is important that we feed back the comings and goings at the business level back into the team. We use this bi-weekly meeting as a touchpoint to make sure we're rowing in the right direction together and discuss any business-oriented matters outside of the team's usually technical day-to-day.


We hold ourselves accountable through weekly demoing. Each member of the team is responsible for demonstrating what they have achieved in that week either during the demo, or through a pre-recorded video. This ritual is used to help team members target delivering small achievable pieces of work to production each week, and holding each other accountable. It is also used to distribute learnings from each member to the rest of the team and calibrate the teams velocity.