As an early stage company, we are cash poor and equity rich. We make every effort to pay salaries at market rates, but the reason you come work with us is because you believe in the value of Openline equity.

Every Openline team member will receive stock option grants as part of their compensation package. Check out our stock options guide to learn more about how they work.

Planned holidays

  • All Openline team members get a maximum of 30 paid days off per year (including National holidays).
  • All Openline team members are required to take at least 20 paid days off per year.
  • You may take up to two weeks of paid time off at a given time.
  • We do not rollover unused holidays (unless local requirements require us to do so). We do this because we want you to take your holidays!
  • We have team members all over the world, and as such we respect all local and national holidays. Please be respectful of your colleagues in other parts of the world and remind them when you have a national holiday coming up.

Unplanned holidays

  • We provide paid sick leave / care for sick child leave for up to three days without a medical note. Anything more than three days requires a medical note.


  • For UK employees, we provide a pension contribution equal to 5% of your salary.

Remote work stipend

  • $500 stipend to kit out your remote work setup


  • All team members receive a new MacBook Pro (or equivalent) and accessories