April 18, 2023

Beyond boundaries: customerOS Zendesk Integration redefines customer support

We've all been there.

  • An Account Manager, unaware of several open support tickets, joins a customer meeting hoping to upsell. Instead, they spend the whole hour discussing unresolved issues. They end up looking foolish and waste an opportunity to build customer trust.
  • The Marketing team launches a campaign without checking the status of open support items. The customer, frustrated with the open issues, isn't in a buying posture. The campaign is ignored, or worse, the customer's frustration escalates at the prospects of being upsold when they're not happy with the current solution.

In our hyper-connected world, where small mistakes can quickly spread on social media, solving problems fast and working together are essential to keeping customers happy. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the customerOS Zendesk integration. This fantastic tool improves teamwork, boosts customer happiness, and offers a solid ROI.

Key Benefits of the CustomerOS Zendesk Integration

  • Complete view for efficient issue management
  • Quicker issue resolution for happier customers
  • Proactive approach with full data access
  • Better teamwork for smart decision-making
  • More transparency and accountability

See Everything

When you connect Zendesk to customerOS, everyone in your company can access important support information like ticket statuses, issue details, and conversation history directly on the customerOS Timeline. This complete view helps your teams work together, respond quickly to customer needs, and manage support issues effectively.

Solve Issues Faster

Quick issue resolution is key to keeping customers happy. With the Zendesk integration for customerOS, your teams can prioritize and address issues more efficiently, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention. Research from Forrester shows that a 10% improvement in issue resolution time can result in a 1% increase in customer satisfaction.

Be Proactive

The customerOS Zendesk integration gives your teams full access to data, letting them proactively spot patterns and trends. By tackling recurring issues early, your organization can cut support costs and improve the overall customer experience.

Make Smarter Decisions

Better teamwork and visibility, offered by the Zendesk integration, help your teams make smarter decisions about resource allocation, issue prioritization, and process improvements. Data-driven organizations have a 4% higher productivity rate and a 6% higher profit rate, according to a study by MIT Sloan.

Full Transparency and Accountability

Increased transparency and accountability create a culture of continuous improvement within your organization, as all customer-facing teams can track progress and understand how their actions affect customer satisfaction.

Discover the amazing efficiency and customer satisfaction that the customerOS Zendesk integration brings to your organization. Give your customer-facing teams the tools they need to excel in issue resolution and boost your business's growth!

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